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Ministry of Praise

Prayer and Faith

Ministry of Praise

WHAT is the Ministry of Praise? It is a spiritual ministry in which the members offer daily prayers, joys and sufferings to God for the parish, and, the community.

WHO can belong? All parishioners and interested persons.

WHAT do I have to do? You are asked to pray daily for the parish, the church, and our community.

WHAT good will it do? It will provide a spiritual powerhouse that will bring God’s blessings on our Priests, families, youth, and anyone in need of spiritual strength and direction.

DO I have to say special prayers? No, you may continue your daily prayers. You will be provided with a Book of Prayers. You may use these prayers if you wish.

HOW will I know what I should pray for? Each month you will receive a “bulletin” with the “intentions” to pray for during that month.

DO I have to pay DUES? No, your offering of prayers, sufferings and joy is all that is needed. These gifts are very pleasing to God.

DO I have to attend meetings? No, this is a personal, yet communal spiritual ministry.

HOW do I join? Contact the Coordinator, (see below). He will send you an application form, which, when completed, you may send back to him or mail/deliver it to the Parish Office. The Coordinator will confirm your acceptance.

Please contact our Coordinator, Al, for more details.

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