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Marriage Preparation Course


Marriage Preparation Course

At St. Pius X we offer Marriage Preparation that follows the Diocesan “For Better & For Ever” workbook. The course involves a series of five meetings, usually about 1.5 hours each, between one engaged couple and one sponsor couple. The meetings take place at a mutually agreed upon time typically at the home of the sponsor couple and are usually spread out one meeting every couple weeks, but this can get tailored to the needs of the engaged couple.

“For Better & For Ever” is our Diocesan marriage program. It gives engaged couples an opportunity to discuss some of the issues that are key to a successful marriage! For more information about the this program, please email Paul & Michelle or phone them at (403) 808-8275.

To register for Marriage Preparation at St. Pius X Roman Catholic Parish, please fill out the online registration form and we will contact you shortly.

Any married couples interested in becoming sponsors for engaged couples are invited to fill out our online Ministry Sign Up form.

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