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Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Service and Outreach

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The mission of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is “to live the Gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice and joy”.

What We Do

St. Pius X parish has a very active Society of St. Vincent de Paul ministry! We are a relatively small group with about 20 members. We meet twice a month for an hour and we take turns being “on-call” for one week. During that week we retrieve the voice messages from the St. Vincent de Paul phone line, call the people back, and see what their situation is. Often people need a small food hamper or bus tickets. We buy the food at the Co-Op store and deliver it to the people’s homes. Sometimes we buy used clothing and bedding at Goodwill or Value Village. Occasionally, we provide emergency rental assistance. We always work in pairs.

Food Hampers

In 2019, our Vincentians delivered 222 food hampers throughout the year and 114 Christmas hampers.  We assisted 228 adults and 175 children.

For assistance with food hampers, please call the Parish office or email the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.


Our funding comes from donations from parishioners, other Ministries at St. Pius X, and from parking fees collected during the football games.

There is still a need to feed the poor.  You can help by donating to St Vincent de Paul. Click here and select from the drop down menu ‘a specific conference or council’, then in the next box, type in: St Pius X – Calgary.

If you are interested in helping out, we can always use more volunteers! Please contact the Parish Office Thank you!

Get Involved!

Being part of one of the service groups at St Pius X means that you are also serving Christ and the Church! You are welcome to join our vibrant community! Please fill out our Ministry Sign Up online form to register with one of the Ministries and Groups.

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