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The Catholic Women's League

Service and Outreach

The Catholic Women’s League

We welcome every woman over the age of 16 in St. Pius X Parish to join the largest national organization of Catholic women in Canada with a tradition of service to others as expressed in the motto “For God and Canada”. The League is a united voice for Catholic women contributing to life and vitality in the church, family and community.

For more information about membership, please contact our Membership Convenor

We invite you to read the CWL Annual Report 2020-2021 for a glimpse into our ministry’s activities and community support.


Our Council meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month. While attending meetings is important, we realize that in this busy world it may not always be possible for you to attend. Your support is as important as your attendance!

Our aim is to be Christ-centred in faith and action. To do this our League focuses on these principle ministries:

  • Spiritual Development
  • Promoting Christian values
  • Advocacy
  • Seeking social justice
  • Supporting women

For a ride to and/or from any CWL please email us and we will gladly help!

St. Pius X CWL $1000 Scholarship

Each year our council presents a post-secondary scholarship to a female member of our parish who is planning to attend local, post-secondary institution and has filled out a scholarship application by July 31st, 2020. If you know of anyone in the parish who is or will be attending post-secondary education this fall, please encourage her to apply and pass on the application form.  If we receive enough applications which meet the criteria, we will award 2 scholarships (2019 scholarship was not given out last year).

To raise funds for this project, we have connected with Vecova, a charitable, recycling depot run by persons with disabilities. We bring in our bags of recyclables marked with the words: St. Pius X CWL Scholarship Fund. There is no need to wait in the line because we have an account with them and the items will be counted when the depot is not busy. A receipt is made out for you and the money accumulated is sent by cheque to our CWL council.

Please let your friends and family know about this project as we would welcome donations from anyone who would like to contribute. If anyone would like to have their recyclables picked up from their home please email us!

Vecova is located at:

3304 33 St NW, Calgary, AB T2L 2A6

Vecova’s phone number:

(403) 289-5651

Support Our Foster Child, Sasha

A letter from Sasha:

Dear St. Pius X CWL,

I’m your goddaughter Sasha Lencin, and I’m very glad to write to you again. I would like you to know that I passed the course; now I will be in 5th grade. This year I studied very hard and did really well. My favourite subject is music. I like to sing with my friends, Camila and Susan. I danced Saya on MotherÕs Day at my school. My older sisters, Wara and Clara and Issai moved and now live with their respective partners and husbands because they need to initiate their lives as a family. Now I live with my three older siblings, Lessing, Alba and Ofson. I want to thank you for all the support that you have provided me, like the jackets, meals, and school supplies. They mean a lot to me.

Sasha Delgadillo Aviles

The weekend before CWL General Meetings, there will be a gift basket for raffle in the church foyer. For a loonie you can buy a chance to win the gift basket and support Sasha and her family in Bolivia. The winner is drawn at the meeting.

Greeting Cards Project

We collect stamps and greeting cards for various mission projects. Just label your items in a bag and drop them off at the Parish office. These donation will assist Sr. Cecily Graves with her Mission Council work for the Diocese of Calgary.

CWL has adopted Seminarian Kevin Ponte

Kevin spoke to us at the Our Lady of Good Counsel Supper and our council has now adopted him. We will be supporting him with our prayers, notes of encouragement as well as invitations to our events when appropriate. Any financial donations we might make will be distributed among all the seminarians.

Get Involved!

Being part of one of the service groups at St. Pius X means that you are also serving Christ and the Church! You are welcome to join our vibrant community! Please fill out our Ministry Sign Up online form to register with one of the Ministries and Groups.

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