Parish Ministries

St Pius X has a series of ministries and councils to help the Priest serve the parish community. Each ministry has a specific mission and role in the parish, touching on the different aspects of the parish life.

You can fill out our Ministry Sign Up online form to register with one of the Parish committees or councils.

Parish Pastoral Council

Pastor – Father Ben Marino

Deacon – Dan Deck

Chairperson – June

It is recognized that the Pastor has full responsibility for the parish as delegated by the Archbishop. The role of the Parish Pastoral Council is to be supportive to the Pastor and provide all assistance helpful to his office.

Members of PPC attend Council meetings held on the third Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise determined by the Council. They may also participate in the activities of various committees.

Parish Pastoral Council meetings are open to parishioners who are invited to attend as observers. In addition, an Annual General Meeting for all members of the parish is on a yearly basis. At this time the activities of the past year are reviewed, significant plans for the future are proposed and the membership and structure of the Council for the coming year is confirmed.

To access the Parish Pastoral Council Guidelines, please click here.

Interested in being part of the PPC? Each year in September, as part of the Stewardship weekend, interest in serving on Parish Council will be solicited. Interested parishioners will be contacted and embark on a process to ensure knowledge of the responsibility and development skills.

Parish Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council (PFC) assists the Pastor in overseeing the finances of the parish. Please contact Rob for more information.

Newsletter Financial Summary – 2019

Annual Financial Statement – 2019

Facilities Expansion Fund

St. Pius X continues to plan for future expansion and renovation of the parish property.  If you are interested in contributing to this process please contact the Parish Finance Council (above).

Garden Committee

Members of the Garden Committee assist with planting, watering and maintaining Parish gardens during summer months. They also make to water the lawn as needed.

Indoor Plant and Candle Maintenance

Assist Pastoral Assistant in maintaining plants and candles in the church as requested during the year.

Liturgy Committee

We explore ideas for enriching and planning liturgies. Please contact the Parish Priest if you wish to be part of this committee.

Liturgical Environment

Members assist with decorating the church and Hall for special events, such as Easter, Christmas etc. Commitment is usually 1-2 hours per event. If you wish to help please contact our office.

Building and Maintenance

Members of this ministry look after the church and do minor repairs and maintenance as necessary.


For those interested in the upkeep and maintenance of the parish website please contact Claudia.

Together in Action

Members help with stuffing envelopes for the annual TIA campaign – one Saturday morning.

Office Help

Assist in the Parish Office: photocopying, data entry, filing etc.

Pastoral Assistant Help

Assist the Pastoral Office with photocopying, organization and children’s program preparation.

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