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Wednesday at 9:00 am

Friday at 9:00 am

Sunday at 9:00 am & 11:00 am

Saturday at 5:00 pm –  Liturgy of the Word via Zoom

Weekday Mass Details

Registration for weekend Mass is done by calling the office at:

(403) 289-3602. The Church doors are locked before the Mass starts. Please wear your mask at all times during your visit at our church.

Sunday Mass

Registration for in person Sunday Mass opens the week prior to the Mass and it closes on the Friday at noon of that weekend. The Church doors are locked once the Mass starts. Please wear your mask at all times during your visit at our church.

Saturday Liturgy Details

We offer a Lay-led Liturgy of the Word via Zoom. What is a Lay-led Liturgy? Click here for more information.
Everyone is welcome, however registration is a requirement.

In Person Mass

Things To Keep In Mind

During this phase of Public Mass in our church, attendance is limited according to the guidelines provided by AHS. For this reason, we ask those who wish to attend Mass to register using the link above. This will ensure that we remain compliant with provincial public gathering guidelines, the most recent Diocesan guidelines, and to assist public health experts with contact tracing.

Registration closes at noon on Friday prior to the Sunday Masses. This allows the office time to create a Contact Tracing Sheet for the Masses.  If you have registered for a Mass, your name and phone number will be on this Sheet when you arrive. Walk-ins will be allowed, as long as there is space available in the church.

People can also pre-register by calling the Parish Office at (403) 289-3602. Office hours are sporadic but voicemail messages are picked up daily.

Further changes will occur over time as we learn from our processes. Mass times may change. Please continue to check the website.

Non medical masks are mandatory for in person Masses.

Lastly, all attendees are encouraged to bring their own non-medical mask. In order to protect our Priest, all those receiving Communion will have to wear a face mask.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. While all this may seem onerous, we count on everyone’s cooperation and goodwill to ensure the safety and well-being of all our parishioners.

Some Details

Take Note Of

Bishop McGrattan’s decree dispensing Catholics from the Sunday obligation remains. This means that even though public Masses have resumed, Catholics are not obliged to attend Mass and those who attend do so out of their own free will and prudential judgment.

Use the AHS self-assessment tool. If you have any flu-like symptoms, please stay home.

ENTRY & EXIT: Enter through the East side Main door, facing 23rd Street. All other entry doors will be locked. Doors will open 30 minutes prior to each Mass. After Mass, everyone will be asked to exit through the west-side office door (past the washroom and office).

CHECK-IN: When you arrive, you will notice a bulletin board outside with general information signs as well as the AHS self assessment questions on health.  If you cannot answer ‘NO’ to all of the questions, we politely ask that you not enter the church.  As you enter the church, you will be asked if you did answer ‘NO’ to the self assessment questions and to verify your name and phone number on the contact tracing sheet.

MASKS: All attendees are asked to bring their own non-medical mask and wear it during their entire stay in the church building. Only those wearing a mask will be able to enter the Church and to receive Communion, to protect our Priest, Deacon or Eucharistic Minister. Check out the video below on how to receive Communion.


CHANGES IN THE LITURGY: certain parts in the liturgy will be omitted in order to minimize the possibility of viral transmission. This includes the administering of the chalice, shaking hands during the sign of peace, and holding hands during the Our Father.

Donations – we will not be passing the collection basket. There will be a collection basket at the entrance to the church to accept your donations or you can continue to give on-line through our Donations page or continue what you have been doing over the last few months.

BUILDING ACCESS: ALL doors will be closed once Mass begins.  Latecomers will not be allowed in.

NEED TO CANCEL? Be sure to do so by clicking on the “view and manage your order online” link on your confirmation email. This allows us to give your spot to someone in the waitlist.

Lay-led Liturgy of the Word

What is lay-led Liturgy of the Word?

The word liturgy comes from the Greek words lēitos (“public”) and the suffix -ergos (“working”), so the liturgy is, quite literally, the work of the people. Lay-led means that a non-ordained member of the community leads the assembly as one among equals.

Gavin Caldwell – our music minister from the 5:00 pm Saturday mass – leads the music, and the rest of us take turns volunteering to be lay-leader; to read the 1st, 2nd and Gospel  readings, as well as lead the Opening Prayer, Prayers of the Faithful, Prayer of Thanksgiving, Prayer after (spiritual) Communion and the Final Blessing. The Gospel reflection is led by a different parishioner every week! We sign up to take part in these roles before the Final Blessing each week.

We are moved by a deep desire to be united in prayer with all of God’s children, and especially our St. Pius X parish family. Even though we are physically distanced, nothing can separate us from one another or the love of God. When we call upon the Lord and raise our hearts and minds to him, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we enter into communion with Christ and with the Church, and therefore receive the fruits of the eucharist.

Come, celebrate with us on Zoom every Saturday at 5:00pm. Contact Gavin to register.

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