Liturgical Ministries

For all Parish ministries, please contact the Parish office to get in touch with the Ministry Coordinator. Additionally, you can fill out our Ministry Sign Up online form to register with one of the Ministries.

Mass Steward

Our mass stewards coordinate the volunteers at our  weekday and weekend masses. They diligently arrange the liturgical books, the vestments, and other things that are necessary for the celebration of Mass. If you wish to know more about how to be part of this ministry, please speak with our Priest before or after Mass.

Mass Greeters & Hospitality

We need warm hands and beautiful smiles to provide a welcoming atmosphere for those coming to Mass and to be a source of information for new Parishioners as is required. Should you have this amazing gift of welcome, please contact our Pastor for more details.


Ushers will assist with seating people before Mass and cleaning the pews after. They invite people to carry the Gifts of Bread and Wine during the Preparation of the Gifts and also take up the collection.

Altar Servers

Altar servers assist at the Table of Our Lord’s Sacrifice.  Open to parishioners who have received their First Communion (Grade 3 and older.)

This ministry is meant for service at the altar by assisting the Priest and Deacon. The Altar Server carries the incense, the processional Cross, and the candles during the procession, holding the Roman Missal for the Priest when needed, and preparing the altar during the Offertory.

If you wish to know more about how to be part of this ministry, please speak with the Priest or Deacon before or after Mass.

Eucharistic Ministers / Communion Assistants

If you hear in your heart a calling to assist the Celebrant with distributing the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass, then this just might be the ministry for you! It is a privilege and an honour to nourish the people of God with the Body and Blood of His Eternal Son.


Training is required to become an Eucharistic Minister. The theological foundation of the Liturgy and the “how-to’s” are explained. The volunteer candidates attend an initial training session; refresher courses are usually held once a year.

Time Commitment

Eucharistic Ministers are given the opportunity to provide input into their individual schedules. St Pius X requires 18 people per weekend at 3 different Masses. The schedule is assembled every three months and the volunteers can choose the Masses and Sundays they are available to serve. People who cannot commit their time on a regular basis may also assist by putting their names on a substitute list to fill in at their convenience when others are sick or not available for their scheduled time. Help is always needed for this very special and precious ministry. If you wish to know more about how to be part of this ministry, please speak with Father Ben before or after Mass.

Music Ministry

Singers and musicians are always welcome to St Pius X Parish! Please contact the appropriate Choir Director below to find out how you can help us make beautiful music for the Glory of the Lord! Watch the Bulletin for times and locations of choir rehearsals.

Saturday, 5:00 pm mass
Coordinator: Gavin
Choir Practice: Saturday at 3:45 pm (U of C Lounge)
Sunday, 9:00 am mass
Coordinators: Denise and Barrie
Choir Practice: Thursday at 7:00 pm (Church)
Sunday, 11:00 am mass
Coordinators: Caren and Kim
Choir Practice: Thursday at 7:30 pm (U of C Lounge)

Lectors (Readers)

All parishioners in communion with the Church  are invited to proclaim God’s Living Word, if they have been Confirmed.  They may also announce the intentions for the Prayers of the Faithful and, in the absence of a psalmist, recite the Psalm between the readings. An Orientation and Training session will be provided by the Lector Coordinator.

Collection Counters

After weekend masses collection counters ensure the Sunday offering is fully accounted for. They work in teams of 2 or 3 people.

Preparation of the Gifts (Offertory Gifts)

Members of the community are invited to process the Gifts to the Table of the Lord during the offertory procession.  If you or your family are interested please contact our Pastor

Audio & Video

This important ministry facilitates the PowerPoint slides and audio at each Mass. Some technical understanding of switching and operating Power Point on computers is helpful, but full training is provided.  Volunteers are welcome and needed at all masses.

Please click here for the Audio/Video Handbook.

Pew Cleaners

Pew cleaners duties make a commitment to keeping our church clean and tidy. Cleaning is performed usually before noon on weekdays, during office
hours. You are volunteering an average of two hours per month. We tidy and wipe pews and pew boxes and keep brochures and envelopes up to date in the pamphlet racks.

Church Linens

This ministry takes care of the vestments and linens used in the Church.  Volunteers wash and press the linens that are used at Mass, and arrange for dry cleaning of items that can’t be washed.

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