Donate to St. Pius X Parish

Thank you to all of our Parishioners who continue to support our Parish during this time of pandemic.  We understand if you are not financially able to help at this time and hope that you will continue to keep us in your prayers.

We would like to make it as easy as possible for you to make a donation, so we have a number of ways to donate:

  • Set up (or revise) an on-going, scheduled donation by filling in a Pre Authorized Donation (PAD) form.  This can be done using VISA, Mastercard or Debit. Click here for a form to fill in and send to us. 

Please note that the information on this form is sensitive and email is not always the most secure way of sending sensitive information.  We recommend that you mail this form in or give it to someone in the office directly.

  • Mail a cheque to the Parish.  Mail is monitored daily
  • Drop off a cheque in the Parish mailbox.  The mailbox is located next to the Office door, which faces 24th Avenue.  The mailbox is monitored daily.
  • Make an on-line donation through:

Both of these websites allow you to make a one-time or a recurring donation to our Parish.  Tax receipts will be issued by them and not St Pius X Parish.

  • **NEW** E-Transfer –Straight from your bank account to the Parish bank account. How?
    • Log into your online or mobile banking app and select the account.
    • Choose or add the St Pius X email ( )
    • Enter the amount you wish to donate

Under ‘Message’ state where you want your funds to go, e.g. Sunday Collection, New Hall fund, Together In Action (TIA), Special Collection (state which one), etc

  • Grocery Card Fundraiser – we will continue to sell grocery cards, keeping social distancing in mind (therefore credit cards only at this time).  Contact the office about arranging purchase/pick up.

There is still a need to feed the poor. You can help by supporting St Vincent de Paul.

Click here and select from the drop down menu ‘a specific conference or council’, then in the next box, type in: St Pius X – Calgary

If you would like boxed envelopes, please contact our Parish Office to make this request.

Thank you!