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November 13th, 2020

November 6th, 2020

October 30th, 2020

October 23rd, 2020

October 16th, 2020

Ministry Appreciation Invitation

Ministry Appreciation – Poster – for all parishioners


Monthly Finance Update – October 2020

Newsletter Financial Summary 2019

Annual Financial Statements 2019

The Bishop’s message regarding our financial circumstances.

Ministry of Praise is continuing with their prayers and the Intentions that they are praying for in August are linked here.


I am Blessed

Last year, the Diocese of Calgary launched a new campaign, called I am Blessed .  The campaign for 2020 has started and will conclude on Sunday, January 6, at the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. As we prepare for Advent and Christmas, this campaign reminds us to Pray, Act and Give to others.

Find these highlights in campaign website:

  1. PRAY NOW – Supporting others with prayer by praying in solidarity with them; ideas on what prayers to pray and what to do if others ask to pray for them.  
  2. ACT NOW – Offering tips on how to be a good friend especially to those who are in need; getting familiar with services available in our midst as we may need to lead others to seek help.
  3. GIVE NOW – Assisting parishioners to support parishes directly via online donation


“We are not alone” composed by Pepper Choplin (Hope Publishing) and sung by the 11:00 am Choir. A virtual choir video meant to comfort those who feel alone and adrift at this time.


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Diocesan Bulletin

Diocese of Calgary Faithfully Bulletin – October 2020

Together in Action – message from our Pastor

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