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2022-2023 Ministry Invitation

Our Ministry Ministry Invitation for 2022-2023 will be available soon.  Keep watching this space.

Letter From Bishop Regarding Vaccination Exemptions

Our Parish, like many others, have received requests from Parishioners to issue them a vaccination exemption.  Bishop McGrattan, has sent a letter to all Parishes regarding this request.

Paragraph 2 states:

“While the Diocese respects the freedom of a person’s individual conscience as the Church teaches, the Church and her ministers cannot objectively attest to or endorse a person’s process of discernment in coming to their decision of conscience. Therefore, the Diocese and the parishes will not be issuing any letters of exemption from vaccination.”

Read the entire letter.

Ministry of Praise

Our Parish has an active Ministry of Praise who continues to pray daily. Each month we post our praying Intentions below.

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If You Choose to Talk About It

“We all have a sacred trust to protect those who are vulnerable, particularly children, and to stand up and speak when we witness that trust betrayed.”



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